Curling Rink Construction Begins

Two years ago, in early August of 2010, Doug Schaak and I met at a restaurant and asked each other, “Why not build that curling rink that Evergreen CC has been talking about for eight years? Why not now?”

ECC had an enthusiastic, growing membership with a strong Board of Directors. Stu Cohen and Columbus CC had recently shown the way to build a curling rink for a reasonable amount of money. All we needed was a bit of a kick-start to put the project in motion.

Now, two years later, after contributions and efforts by so many people, after much planning and work, construction begins! This week, contractors began raising a new demising wall to separate Evergreen CC’s space from the neighboring vacant space. Next, they will eliminate the glass storefront on the south side of the building and route in a new electrical supply for ECC’s chiller.

Wayne Brock stopped in yesterday and snapped the photo shown above. It’s a great sight on a great day. Congratulations, ECC curlers and friends, the rink is on its way!

3 thoughts on “Curling Rink Construction Begins

  1. What is your new street address?
    I am thinking that each of the Optimist Clubs within 90 minutes of your new rink might be invited to sponsor a junior curling team to create an Optimist Junior Interclub. What do you think?

    • Our New Address is
      10950 SW 5th Street, Beaverton, OR 97005
      Our mailing address is
      Evergreen Curling Club,
      PO Box 12162
      Portland, OR 97212
      Attention: Bruce Irvin, President

      Here’s a map of where the Rink is located

      View Larger Map

      Thanks for the ‘Tip” and the reminder. Club Member Arnie Iwanick has been working with the Optimists.

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