Lloyd Center Gets a New Coat

More than one dozen dedicated Evergreen CC volunteers woke early Saturday to scribe and paint new curling markings at the Lloyd Center Ice Rink in Portland, OR.   Many thanks to SteveL, SteveT, Kathy, Jesse, Art, Eric, NealO, Korinne, JoeM, Bruce, RobG, Wayne, Ron, and Peren who worked between 6:30am and  noon, carefully preparing the ice for a new season of play.
New on the ice this year are “hack boxes”, black rectangles that show precisely where to position each hack.  In previous years, ECC used only single lines to indicate hack positions, and some curlers did not know whether to place ECC’s quick-set hacks in front or behind the lines.  With the new hack boxes, everybody can clearly see where to place each hack.

Lloyd Center Ice Rink provided Jet Ice ice paint, brushes, paint trays and other needed equipment.   LCIR even served breakfast and lunch for both curlers and figure skating painters.   LCIR plans to continue flooding the ice Saturday afternoon and all night long before re-opening the rink for skating Sunday at noon.

Of course we hope to do it all again soon in a dedicated curling facility to be built in Beaverton, OR within the next year.   Evergreen CC plans to open the first dedicated curling facility on the U.S. west coast since Granite CC was built in Seattle in 1961.  Until then, ECC is good to go for more curling at Lloyd Center.