Club Championship this Weekend

Evergreen CC’s final big event of the year will be it’s Club Championship this weekend.   This event takes the top teams from each ECC league and mixes them together into a round-robin competition.   So you’ll see Men playing Women playing Novices playing Old playing Young playing teams of all types.   It’ll be a curling free-for-all donnybrook for the ages.


Pool 1 (Saturday 8AM, 1245PM, 530PM, Sunday 945AM)

Klinkhammer: Scott Klinkhammer, Kris Klinkhammer, Sarah Rosing, Matt McVicar
Schaak: Doug Schaak, Jim Smoltz, Jeff Tomlinson, Cory Fiendell
Irvin: Bruce Irvin, Lily Irvin, Eric Hemesath, Michelle Stevens
Brooks: Andrew Brooks, Kristin Glanville, Kenn Clulow, David Ison
Watson: Dana Watson, Sue Tomlinson, Sally Keasler, Pam Pfiffner
Stasiuk: Garry Stasiuk, Eric Toews, Matt Ackerman, Tyler Harvey

Pool 2  (Saturday 1015AM, 300PM, 745PM, Sunday 730AM)

Fairley: Karen Fairley, Elaine Smith-Koop, Mo McCafferty, Sharon Kerbs
Karsnia: Andy Karsnia, Kathy Placek, Dan Getschow, Don Mattos
Carroll: Eugene Carroll, Kern Olson, Steve Talley, Gail Starr, Cecile Baril
Hill: Jason Hill, Brian Brokaw, Eric Hanson, Steve Ellis
Rutherford: Kevin Rutherford, Terry Rutherford, Tamara Rutherford, Jared Rutherford
Liske: Steve Liske, Craig Webster, Matt Starr, Art Placek

Each team will play four round-robin games throughout Saturday and early Sunday.   Then the top two teams in each pool will compete in the semi-finals (2:15 pm) and finals (5 pm) on Sunday.

If you are playing, then good luck to you.   You could become the first ECC club champion of the new facility.   You will hoist the famed Evergreen Cup.   If you are not playing then come out, have a beer, cheer a bit, and enjoy ECC’s last curling competition of the year.