Bridgetown 1.0 Bonspiel Results

Congratulations to all of the teams who played in the first half of Evergreen CC’s first ever open bonspiel, the Bridgetown Doubleheader.    You brought great curling competition to Beaverton throughout the weekend.

The Katsup Chips from Seattle took the main title, the A Event.   This team went 5 deep with Em Good, Cyndy Eng-Dinsel, Jeremy Dinsel, Andrew Ernst and Mac Guy rotating positions throughout the weekend.   They had a couple of close calls but otherwise dominated the field.   Special kudus to Em’s little dog who looks great in that sweater.   Special thanks to the runners-up, Prez Chicks, visiting from Boston’s Broomstones Curling Club.   These four ladies showed excellent skill and teamwork all weekend long while racking up impressive victories.

In the B Event, Nate and the Bromance Boys (Nate Semm, Zach Radmer, Glenn Allan and Rich Burmeister) fought hard to take an 8th-end victory from Wayne Brooks’ feisty local team.   Gotta love Rich’s dog.     That fuzzy little thing sits on your lap, rolls on its back, looks cute and loves the belly rub.    The BroBoys curled well, and even helped new-guy, local-icon Nate step confidently into the world of curling.  Hey Nate, we have an entire curling facility sitting here in Beaverton if you’re up for some more action!

In the C Event, The Canucks (Luke Hansen, Kendall Speten-Hansen, Michele “lucky charm” Goosen and Paul Keelan) prevailed over David Cornfield’s rink.      Luke and Kendall’s team dominated during their Sunday games.   They finished the C Event final in a little more than an hour.   Look for them to start that way next time and make noise in the A Event.

Many thanks to all of the Evergreen CC volunteers who made the bonspiel a success.   Especially Kris Klinkhammer and Cecile Baril who staffed the registration table,  Art Placek who ran the draw,  Kathy Placek who filled in all over the place, Joe Maser who gathered the food,  Craig Webster who was a constant force behind the bar, Bruce Joncas and Kevin Rutherford who helped with late-night closing, Karen Fairley who scrambled to assemble the prizes, the ECC video team who streamed to the masses, and Peren Bjork whose sweet knees kept the ice frozen yet hot.

Good Curling, All!

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