We’re floored!

On Friday the sprinkler contractors finished their three days of work and completed the last of the sprinkler heads, thereby protecting us from Ice Fire.   They tested the system by filling it with water and keeping it under pressure for two hours.   No leaks, no problem.   Then the inspectors came and passed it.   Hallelujah!

So we started work Friday evening re-installing the low-e ceiling and sweeping the floor.   On Saturday morning a crew of 10+ curlers showed up to get everything ready for the floor install.   We swept the floor, mopped the floor, vacuumed between the rink boards, cut the deck board supports,  filed the supports to make them smooth, painted walkways, painted walls, washed windows and cleaned the office area.

Then on Sunday morning we mopped the floor one more time before finally beginning the floor install around 1pm.   A crew of 10+ curlers helped Jim Hibbard to install two rink liners and two layers of insulation.   We taped the insulation and cut it to fit the edges of the rink.   Meanwhile a smaller crew helped Jim to position the ice mats along the west side of the rink and connect them.   With all of the shiny foil backed insulation reflecting light back up to the foil fabric of the low-e ceiling the whole place looked like the inside of a stainless steel microwave.  

Karen Fairley, Steve Talley, Kathy Placek, Craig Webster and others worked to paint the warm room walls.   Bruce Joncas and Craig Webster installed the video monitor mounts.

As of tonight the place looks great.   For me it was definitely a big thrill to finally see the floor going in.   Everybody had smiles on their faces all afternoon.   It is great to see Evergreen curlers working hard to make a place of their own.

Next we will finish installing the last of the insulation, the mats and the final/top rink liner.   Then Jim plans to start the dehumidifier, pump the glycol into the system and prepare for chiller startup on Tuesday.

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