The EverGreen Mile

Nothing gives a quick emotional boost to a project quite like a fresh coat of paint.   This last weekend we assembled a dedicated crew of curlers to bring on that glow with rollers, pans, brushes, scrapers, spackle, tape, dropcloths and gallons upon gallons of paint.  

The result is astounding.   Combined with the new lighting and the silvery glow of the low-e ceiling the new curling rink is starting to look sharp, more like a curling rink and less like a warehouse.

It was a great time too.   With 15-20 curlers volunteering their time over the course of the weekend we accomplished far more than hoped and had a lot of fun.   I had thought that maybe we would get one end wall finished, but instead we painted all four walls white (we did not paint any of thew new, unpainted sheetrock), gave them a second coat, and painted the EverGreen Mile, a big beautiful stripe of rich, deep jungle green that races around the perimeter of the rink.   The stripe will help to break up the white and create a bit of its own visual interest.

Bruce Joncas and Wayne Brock also finished up the adjustments on the low-e ceiling, and Steve Liske scribed in the locations of some of the curling houses.    Monday, the professional painters returned to finish prepping the new sheetrock walls so that they can begin painting those tomorrow and give a second coat later in the week.

We plan to begin laying the ice floor Thursday and turn on the chiller next Tuesday, November 13.    We will not make the November 16 hoped-for soft open date, but we should have frozen water soon after.