More Progress

In my recurring nightmare I miss Evergreen’s grand opening because I’m exhausted, at home, asleep!   So many things need to be done, and everything is a scramble.   No doubt I’m looking forward to throwing stones on dedicated curling ice, but in reality I just need the thing to be finished so that I can get some rest.

Still, it’s easy to stay motivated because the contractors make more progress every day.  Last week the contractors completed framing of the separation wall and roughing in of its electrical circuits.   Electricians also finished the rough wiring drops in the ice house for lighting of each sheet of curling ice.   Meanwhile, Jim Hibbard arrived and strung all of the wires for the low-e ceiling.

Scott Klinkhammer, Garry Stasiuk and Joe Petsche spent much of their weekend hanging and routing video cables.     Thankfully, Bruce Joncas had spent time earlier in the week hanging mounts for the video cameras and harnesses for the cables.   He also inserted mounting boards into the separation wall to make it easy to mount the video monitors after the wall is finished with sheetrock.

This week the HVAC contractors re-positioned the unit heaters hanging from the beams in the ice house.   The heaters were too high and needed to be dropped a bit to get below the ceiling.   Also, the contractors completed most of the framing of the walkways around the ice floor, and they prepped the big demising wall for its paint job.

Bruce and Jim rolled out one of the ice mats and found it to be slightly longer than ordered, so they negotiated a few adjustments with the contractors for the ice rink frame.    They also asked for some changes in the walkway design so that a reverse-return header can be routed back to the chiller.

Finally, the curlers teamed with Jim to hang half of the low-emissivity ceiling on Wednesday and Thursday with more to come tomorrow.   Craig Webster, Bruce, Peren Bjork and Wayne Brock all took turns on the lifts unrolling, cutting, shaping and clipping the light aluminum fabric.   It’s amazing how the shiny low-e ceiling changes the look and lighting of the space.

This weekend we’ll be clearing and cleaning the floor to make way for the liners, insulation and ice mats.   We’ll also be moving Evergreen CC’s stones from Steve Talley’s basement to the rink so that they can be cleaned and printed.    Somewhere in there we’ll have a beer and get some sleep.