Why Dedicated Ice? Cathy Cummins

We’re thrilled to send two curlers, Cathy Cummins and Bill Gray, to the Team USA Wheelchair Curling Trials this week in Madison, WI.   But we are not so thrilled about what our athletes need to do to prepare themselves for elite competition.

Click this link to watch a Fox KPTV12 segment on how Cathy Cummins trains for Team USA

Cathy Cummins is a warrior, and we’re proud of what she has achieved, but are you kidding me?  Tossing a weighted ball in her yard?   Getting her coach to lie down on the floor and simulate the rock?   Really?!

No, we won’t tolerate that much longer.   When Evergreen CC’s dedicated curling facility is up and running we will have a proper place for Cathy, Bill and all Portland-area curlers to train and improve their skills.   All curlers, young and old, able-bodied and disabled, male and female, experienced and novice will soon have a 3-sheet dedicated facility and plenty of other curlers with whom to train.

Can.  Not.  Wait.

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