Insulation Unload

6:51am.   Today’s text from Jim Hibbard reads, “Insulation arriving this AM”.    This is Jim-speak for “Whoops, it’s waiting at ECC’s door.  Sorry about that.”

Sure enough, I get a call from the truck driver 30 minutes later saying, “I’m here, where are you?”   This time, no heroics because I really need to be at work this morning, so I say, “I’ll be there at 10:30am, and I’ll try to bring some others.”   I send out a call for help to 20+ curlers and get to work where I have meetings until 10am.

At 10:30am four ECCers are waiting at the rink.   Yay!   Thanks to Wayne, Joe, Ron and Janelle (mother of curler Jesse), we tackle 450+ sheets of 1 inch rigid foam insulation in under an hour.   Thank You volunteers!

One thought on “Insulation Unload

  1. You could have called me and I’d have been there in 2 mins. Any time you need help, just let me know.

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