Cape Cod Wheelchair Summerspiel 2012

Evergreen CC Curler Stephen Hart gave the following report of the recent Wheelchair Summerspiel, July 22-25, 2012, at Cape Code Curling Club.

There were 9 teams that were going to play 8 games in a very short period of time. It was a marathon! There was a team from British Columbia, Québec, Manitoba, Ontario-Ottawa, Ontario-Toronto, Scotland, USA 1, USA 2, and USA 3. All the teams except the one I was on had all played together. Some of the teams have been playing together for a number years. My team, USA 3 never really gelled; none of us had played together before.

The teams were quite good. I think each team represented their province as the best of the province. Because I’ve been playing for a number of years and have gone to international events, I know a lot of these people. It was like ‘old home week’.

Cape Cod curling club has a lot going on over the summer:

This year, in addition to our traditional four spiel line up of Mixed, Women’s, Men’s and Wheelchair Spiels, and we have added a Junior Spiel which will begin playing immediately following the Closing Ceremonies of the Wheelchair Spiel. This expands the Summerspiel to a five-spiel event, with twenty continuous days of Mid-summer curling for over 100 visiting teams. We hope you will enjoy being here as much as we enjoy having you.

WOW! And they do this with 100% membership volunteers. This includes the banquet and all the cooking and salads and desserts! After the play was over we had pictures to take along with bag-pipes and a shot of something that warmed me up quick.

Team Scotland won the event. It seems fair that they won considering curling started in Scotland in the 1500s. The picture shown below of the entire roster with the center banner was the Scotland team. They had such a strong accent that I did not understand many of the words they said!