3rd Annual DIY Bonspiel Results

Fourteen teams competed in the 3rd DIY Spiel this past weekend (December 12-14, 2015) at Evergreen Curling Club in Portland, OR. The bonspiel featured a number of close matches, including an A final decided on Jimmy Sattem’s double angle raise to the four-foot on the last shot of the game.

The players enjoyed a potluck dinner on Saturday evening with a variety of homemade dishes. Special thanks to the Ice Ops team for their hard work to maintain great ice throughout the weekend!

The DIY Bonspiel is an annual event for ECC members to remember and celebrate the great Do-It-Yourself successes of Evergreen’s members in building Oregon’s first dedicated curling facility with the Dedicated-Ice-in-a-Year project in 2012.

Event Winners:

A — Sattem/Placek Rink: Jimmy Sattem, Kathy Placek, Kristin Glanville, Art Placek
B — Schaak Rink: Kyle Bauman, Yvonne Perceval, Steve Liske, Doug Schaak
C — Rutherford Rink: Greg Agamalian, Kevin Rutherford, Jared Rutherford, Thomas Poon

ECC DIY Event A Winners 2014_12_14

ECC DIY Event B Winners 2014_12_14

ECC DIY Event C Winners 2014_12_14

Olympic Celebration Weekend

Schedule of Events for the Olympic Celebration Weekend, January 23-25, 2015 at Evergreen Curling Club in Portland, OR.

Guests of Honor: 

Viktor Kjäll:  2014 Olympic Bronze Medalist and 2013 World Champion, Sweden
Darrell Ell:  Former Coach of Team Hungary and Team Netherlands

Friday January 23

Morning and Afternoon:  Viktor and Darrell visit local schools to talk about their experiences at international competitions, introduce the Olympic sport of curling, and welcome students to the OCT weekend events.

3pm-6pm:  Sponsor/Partner Appreciation Event.   An opportunity for Evergreen CC’s sponsors and partners to meet and curl with Olympian Viktor Kjäll.

7pm-9pm:   Olympic Learn-to-Curl Class.   Viktor and Darrell to lead 1 hour of beginner instruction followed by an hour of game play.    Space limited to 30 students.   Cost $20.   Register on the Evergreen CC website.   Broomstacking (drinks and snacks) to follow at Evergreen CC’s Broken Stone Warmroom.

Saturday January 24

9am-11am:  Olympic Juniors.   Viktor and Darrell bring world-class curling instruction to local kids.  This class welcomes all in grades 5 through 12.   Cost $10.   Scholarships available.

noon-6pm:  Olympic Open House.   Evergreen CC welcomes all to learn the great Olympic sport of curling.   Guests will receive instruction on delivery and sweeping featuring coaching from Viktor and Darrell.   Prizes for all curlers who win the “Hit the House” full-sheet curling skill challenge.    Cost $10.

6pm-8pm:  Meet the Olympian.   Free social event at Evergreen CC with a chance for all to meet Viktor and Darrell.   Q&A, photo opportunities, snacks and more in Evergreen CC’s Broken Stone Warmroom.

Sunday January 25

9am-3pm:  Olympic Microspiel.  New curlers partner with Evergreen CC members to play two 4-end games and receive in-game coaching from Viktor and Darrell.    Limited to 48 curlers total.   Registration to be available on Evergreen CC’s website.  Cost $10.  Fee is waived for all who participate in any of the weekend’s other Olympic Celebration Tour events.   Award ceremony at 2:30pm.

Marpole TESAC League One-Day Open Mixed Funspiel

The Marpole CC TESAC league will sponsor a one-day mixed Funspiel on Saturday, February 7th, 2015. It’s a great bonspiel for novice (or experienced) curlers.


  • 4 prizes per team
  • “Reverse Prize Draws”
  • Hog pot cash draw
  • All teams play 5 four-end games
  • Dinner & Entertainment!

Limited to 24 teams. Team fee $200 (cheque payable to “TESAC Curling Club”).

Questions?   Contact Susanne Whalley (muccamama@telus.net)
8730 Heather Street
Vancouver, BC

ECC Wheelchair Curlers Compete at 2014 Canadian Open

[Thanks to ECC curler Stephen Hart for this report]

Each year the Richmond (British Columbia) Center for Disabilities hosts an international wheelchair curling event at the Richmond Curling Club in BC, Canada. Teams compete for Gold, Bronze, and Silver medals as well as cash.  This year was the eighth annual wheelchair bonspiel.ECCrichmond2014-1

ECC members Robin Resnick, Bill Gray and Stephen Hart attended this year’s wheelchair bonspiel. Ten teams played in the event: Teams Alberta, BC, Canada, Graves, Kuchelyma, Petrie, Oregon, Russia, Korea, and Scotland. The event went from November 19th – 23rd, 2014.

Wheelchair curling is a bit different from able-bodied curling. The stone is released with a curling stick and must be released. The same kinds of shots are made as in regular curling; draws, tap-backs, take-outs, freezes, and guards. As there are no sweepers, every wheelchair curler is on his/her own. Strategy is the same as with able-bodied curling. There are no able-bodied people using wheelchairs; all players curl from a wheelchair because of disease, spinal accident, loss of limb, or birth defect.

Russia won the event. Team Oregon came in seventh.

There was a banquet on Saturday night with entertainment and great food. The initial amusement was a “floating camera,” which was passed from table to table; this hilarity went on throughout the evening. An additional merriment was that each team had to come up with a 3 – 5 minute skit. Then there was karaoke; Team Korea outshined everybody. This really brought the group together and got away from competition. Everyone had a great time.

It was nice to see that Evergreen Curling Club’s ice was just as good as Richmond Curling Club ice. Both are Olympic quality ice. The RCC has eight sheets of ice.

ECCrichmond2014-2Click Here for more event photos.

Family Tree Bonspiel

StickPeople_curl-01Enjoy a day of curling on December 27th!    Evergreen Curling Club will hold a fun, friendly one-day bonspiel.   It will be a great way to get out of the house and get some exercise for the whole family.

Register Now!


Two pools: early and late

Early Pool Draw Times: 9am, noon, 3pm

Late Pool Draw Times: 10:30am, 1:30pm, 4:30pm

Each family team will play 3 games, each game will be approximately 4 ends.

Teams: Each family team must have have at least two players who are already “kin”,
i.e., related by blood or marriage. If needed, teams may “adopt” additional members into their family for the bonspiel.

Individuals: you are welcome in this bonspiel too!   sign up to be adopted into a family for the bonspiel.    either we will place you on a team or we will refund your money.

New Curlers: Never curled before?   No problem!   Get a free lesson Friday night (December 26th) at 7pm.

Awards: This will be a points spiel with points awarded for games won, ends won, and rocks scored.  The family winning the most points will have their name engraved on the new ECC Family Tree Bonspiel trophy.  We will also have awards for best holiday sweaters, youngest curler, oldest curler, biggest family curling team (not all family members need to curl at the same time), and the family that traveled the greatest distance for the bonspiel.

Register Now!

3rd Annual DIY Bonspiel Registration


DIY2014_web-01Register now for the DIY, a fun, informal bonspiel celebrating the do-it-yourself accomplishments of Evergreen Curling Club.   The bonspiel takes place over the weekend of December 12-14, 2014.

The DIY bonspiel is an open format bonspiel, welcoming teams with any combination of men, women, young, old, able-bodied or wheelchair curlers. This bonspiel is designed to be “do it yourself” with potluck meals (everybody helps clean up) and no prizes for winners. As such its entry fee is much lower than other bonspiels. For only $30 ($120 per team) you will get at least three games of great competition.

Registration Link — CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

The spiel will use a traditional ABC bracket so that you are guaranteed at least three games during the weekend. We will accept only 18 teams.  Curlers are encouraged to form their own teams. Or enter as an individual and we will try to find a team for you, however priority will be given to team entries.

Registration open to all ECC members.

First draw times will be 6PM, 8PM and 10:15PM on Friday, December 12, 2014.

Refunds will not be given for cancellations less than one week prior to the event.

Registration Link — CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

December 12-14, 2014 at Evergreen Curling Club

Recap: Welcome Wagon Bonspiel

Welcome WagonThe First Annual Welcome Wagon Bonspiel turned out to be a big hit – on an international level. Twelve teams, comprised of 32 inexperienced curlers (less than 5 years’ experience) and 16 experienced curlers, participated. Curlers from as far away as Eugene to the south, and Vancouver, BC to the north, descended upon the Evergreen Curling Club Nov 8-9 to take part.

The purpose of the bonspiel was to introduce new curlers to everything fun about bonspieling, in a fun, relaxed and learning environment – with little emphasis placed on the team’s win-loss records.

Having fun, making new friends, helping new curlers and learning a few of the finer points of curling is what this bonspiel was all about. With that goal in mind, it was a great success!

IMG_8650Thanks to all of the teams and individuals who helped make this a great event…..including those who deserve some special recognition:

Least Experienced Team: The Eugene Group – Josh Engle (2 years) and his team from Eugene who had attended only a single Learn-to-Curl class!

Best Outfits: Curls Gone Wild, with their great hats, from Marpole Curling Club in Vancouver, BC, Canada.   Great job Christa, Christina, Erin and Elizabeth!

Best Record: it wouldn’t be a bonspiel if we didn’t recognize the team with the best record – Team Schaak; Doug Schaak, Roger Chan, Margee Will (who came up with the great idea for this bonspiel) and Eric Bryant.IMG_8652

Congratulations to those, and all teams, for participating! See you next year!

53rd International Tankard

Tankard CrestEvergreen Curling Club is proud and honored to host the 53rd Annual International Tankard curling event, March 20-22, 2015.

Worthy volunteers from British Columbia (24) and the United States (24) will be nominated by their home curling clubs to attend this special event, to be recognized and participate in a weekend of friendly competition and curling fellowship.

The International Tankard event is a a partnership of CurlBC Region 11 and the Washington State Curling Association.   In the past the event has been held at at curling clubs in British Columbia and at Granite Curling Club in Seattle, but it has never before been held in Oregon.

The yearly event, which started as an unwritten agreement between the Pacific Coast Curling Association (British Columbia) and the Washington State Curling Association (WSCA),  was first held in Victoria, BC in 1963.   Each year, six teams from each country meet in a friendly competition.  Each team plays 3 games.

Since the early 2000s the WSCA has invited curlers from other clubs both within and outside Washington State to join the US teams.   Today, curlers throughout the western USA who have made exemplary volunteer contributions to curling locally, regionally or nationally will be eligible for nomination to one of the 6 US teams.

Recent International Tankard participants from Evergreen Curling Club:

  • 2014 (at Cowichan Rocks CC): Kathy Placek
  • 2013 (Golden Ears CC):  Wayne Brock, Eric Toews and Keith LaFortune
  • 2012 (Granite CC):  Patrick Julian and Arnie Iwanick
  • 2011 (Gibsons CC): Peren Bjork and Bruce Irvin
  • 2010 (Langley CC):  Steve Liske, Joe Petsche, Wayne Brock, Luke Hansen, Arnie Iwanick, Stephen Hart
  • 2009 (Granite CC):
  • 2008 (Mission Granite CC):  Arnie Iwanick

Evergreen CC thrives thanks to the great and lasting contributions from all of its volunteers.  For more information, see the International Tankard website.